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Courtney Epps

“It only matters how much you keep, not what you make so therefore you must do everything you can legally, morally, and ethically to combat taxes and expenses of your business, or you will be giving away your business”

Want Courtney to speak to you or your team?

Courtney has been speaking for a number of companies and individuals for the past several years. She can teach your business, organization, or team the fundamentals of Tax Strategy. Courtney can also show your team why it is important to be in the business, build the business, attend trainings, and promote all while being tax deductible. She can speak to your business and give them the fundamentals to help you save more money throughout your entire business.

To get the most from your team, business, or organization don’t hesitate to immediately contact us and book with Courtney. Time slots fill up very quickly.

Want to save thousands a year by joining Courtney’s monthly membership?

The More Relaxing, Less Taxing Membership Program is an online, virtual library of video trainings which help you understand how to keep more of your hard earned money.

From home office and vehicle deductions to hiring your kids (and even how to combine your passion and your profit through social giving), we cover it all.

This e-library of content grows every single month as we’ll be recording and uploading new trainings based on your most pressing and common questions around accounting and tax strategy.

Every other week, we’ll jump on a live, group Q&A session together where you can ask me ANY question on how to save more money on your taxes.

Want Courtney to be your CFO?

Courtney has nearly 20 years of tax knowledge and of extensive research. That alone sets her apart, and makes her an expert in the accounting industry. Would you like her to take what she has learned and apply it to your business on a monthly basis? Would you like her team to take control of your books, make sure everything is where it should be? Then have Courtney go over all of it with you and build your business a personal blueprint for each month, to maximize your tax advantages.

Don’t hesitate to bring Courtney on as a key player for your team!!

Want to buy Courtney’s book?

There are two tax systems in our country. There is one for the employee and one for the self-employed. The employee system, due to lack of knowledge, is designed to take your wealth while the other system for the self-employed and those who know the rules is designed to create wealth and economic growth.

This book was created to teach you not only the knowledge that you need in order to be in the self-employed system but to show you how to save every dollar in taxes that you possibly can legally, morally and ethically.

Want Courtney’s team to do your taxes?

Want to speak to Courtney’s team?

Courtney’s team at has over 50 years of expertise and training in bookkeeping, personal taxes, and corporate taxes. Don’t wait a moment to reach out and see how they can save you money today!

Want Courtney’s team to create your LLC., EIN, and S-Corp

In order to take advantage of the two tax system you need a LLC. treated as a S-Corp for tax purposes.

Courtney and her team have been helping clients for years obtain a LLC.’s with EIN’s and for those that need it a S-Corp.

I need a Tax Strategy Session

Need a 30 min Tax Strategy Session to discuss the direction you need to go. Need to decide if you need a LLC. or S-Corp. Need to find out how to hire your kids and the structure to do so? Book your appointment today! This little amount of time and money will benefit you all year long.

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